Tailor Hill Station




Emerging from the landscapes of Borlänge in Sweden, recording artists Tailor Hill Station began hitting the ground running in the music realm in 2017, and since that time have manifested into a versatile and multifaceted collective of musician’s with their own signature sound and stylization.

Taking on their own eclectic pop blended style with tasteful additives from rock and country music, the band has been hard at work solidifying their sound and working on their first debut record. Inspired by real life situations and the Nashville music scene, they’re determined to write influential songs that people can relate to and resonate with.

Tailor Hill Station’s original and identifiable sound is bound to win you over with their versatile and authentic blends of yesterday and today’s contemporary pop style that everybody can enjoy. The collective of talented musicians are geared up to release a catalogue of original songs that bring out the best of their musicianship factors, and will be accompanying the release with a solid lineup of shows at prominent venues and the festival circuit. With the near future looking bright with endless possibilities for the band, they have a promising year ahead of them in 2019 and are determined to make their mark in the industry.


Om detta projekt

Design och produktion av hemsida till detta lovande band från Borlänge som redan i uppstarten har fått viss uppmärksamhet i USA.


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